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Armen Vartian Bio

Armen Vartian is a graduate of Harvard Law School, where he served as Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard International Law Journal. He has practiced commercial law since 1981, and is admitted to practice in the state courts of California, Illinois and New York, as well as federal courts nationwide.


Armen specializes in the field of art and collectibles law, serving clients throughout the world. From 1986-90, he was Vice President and General Counsel to Heritage Capital Corporation, owners of the third largest auction firm in the world. Since 1992, he has served as Legal Counsel to the Professional Numismatists Guild, the leading association of rare coin and currency dealers. Armen’s private clients have included auction companies, individual collectors and investors, insurance companies, museums and other institutions.


For eighteen years, Armen’s monthly column, “Collectibles and Law,” was read by thousands of dealers and collectors who subscribe to Coin World, the leading numismatic trade newspaper. Armen currently writes a Chinese-language column for fontunechina.com on the subject of strategies for high-net-worth individuals. Armen is also the author of the foremost book on the legal aspects of collecting, Legal Guide to Buying and Selling Art and Collectibles. From 2010-12, he served as Vice-Chair of the Editorial Board for the American Bar Association’s Annual Review of Developments in Intellectual Property Law., and he is currently Vice-Chair of the ABA's Art and Cultural Property Law committee and Editor of the Committee's Newsletter. He is a frequent speaker at trade shows and continuing legal education programs.


Armen has been appointed by Federal Judges to serve as receiver and special counsel in cases involving art and collectibles, and has frequently served as an expert witness to private clients in these areas.


Laura Tiemstra Bio

Laura Tiemstra is an associate attorney, licensed in Illinois. Laura received a B.A. with distinction from Boston University in 2009, graduating with major concentrations in East Asian Studies and English Literature, and a minor concentration in Art History. She then received a J.D. from Indiana University, where she focused on commercial law and regulation, completing internships with the Indiana and federal government, and litigation, completing additional internships with the Bartholomew County, IN prosecutor’s office and civil litigation in private practice. In 2011, Laura began interning at the Law Offices of Armen R. Vartian, and joined Armen full-time in 2012. Laura has handled numerous litigated and non-litigated matters in the art and collectibles industry, involving such issues as copyright and trademark infringement, employment and auction related claims.













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